Support Ubin Businesses

The people of Ubin depend on visitor patronage for a living. You CAN do your part to support them while you are on Ubin! In line with Pesta Ubin 2019's theme Supporting Ubin Businesses, let's help our future generations to enjoy Ubin as how we do today by patronising the businesses on Ubin.

Here are some key information about the businesses on Ubin, and map of their locations. Scroll to the bottom for a map of all businesses on Ubin

Please note: Ubin businesses are laid back and done kampong style. So opening timings and prices may change from those listed below.

Meet the Ubin business owners - features on the people who run Ubin businesses.


Cost: $3 per person for a one way trip + $2 per bicycle brought on

Location: bumboats can be found Changi Point Ferry Terminal, headed for Ubin Jetty

Operating Hours
• Weekdays: 6am – 6pm
• Weekends: 6am – 7pm
Organisers are to pre-plan with bumboat captains should they require bumboats beyond these hours
Note: there is a $50 night boat surcharge applicable for bumboats that leave after 9pm. For bumboats that leave after 11pm, a $70 surcharge applies. Both surcharge apply per bumboat per one way trip

Departure time
Non-scheduled, each bumboat departs when 12 passengers are present

Van drivers

Vans are Ubin's taxis. Here are some things to take note.

Cost: varies (depends on location)

Location: taxi stand near Jetty

Capacity per van is 10 passengers

Bicycle Rental Shops

Cost: $5 – 25 (Varies, depending on Type of bike) + $2 Helmet

Location: Main Village area in Ubin Town

Opening Hours
• Weekdays: 9am – 5pm
• Weekends: 8am – 6pm

Food & Beverage

Here's a list of coffee shops and drink stalls available on Ubin.

Main village

Here's a map to locate these places.

West (towards Ketam)

East (towards Chek Jawa)

Here's a map to locate Ah Ma's Drink Stall and Pak Ahmad's Drink Stall.

Provision Shops

There are 3 provision shops on Ubin. All 3 shops are located in the Main Village.

Here's a map of all 3 provision shops.

Go on an Adventure with Adventure Group 

Adventure Group organises cohesion activities (kayaking, camping trekking) for companies, schools or the public.

Location: Main Village area in Ubin Town.

Map of all businesses on Ubin